Technology Protection

The Membership Revolution – technology

Great coverage on thousands of dollars worth of devices for just a few dollars a month!


With Matrix Protection’s Technology Plan, you get bundled coverage on the three devices you use the most and can’t live without! Your laptop, tablet and smart phone or any combination of three of these devices. Select coverage for two smart phones and one laptop or two laptops and one tablet, or a smart phone, tablet and laptop! You get the picture! Any combination of those three devices!


You’ll have peace of mind with Matrix Protection’s Technology Plan because it includes Accidental Damage coverage from liquid damage and drops. With Accidental Damage coverage, your device is covered for a small monthly payment and a low deductible no matter if it breaks, malfunctions or gets accidentally dropped. With the Matrix Technology Plan you get coverage that will repair, replace or refund if the device isn’t repairable.


There’s no contract, no set term and no hassle. You simply pay a small monthly fee and the three devices you selected are covered. It’s that easy. So the next time you purchase a smart phone, laptop or tablet, you can skip the extended warranty sales pitch because with your Matrix Technology Protection Plan, your new purchase will be covered!


If you already have smart phone extended coverage from your mobile phone provider, don’t worry! Even if the phone is under contract, you can cancel the extended warranty coverage with no fee, penalties or having to change cell phone plans. It’s easy and it’s worth it. And with the Matrix Technology Plan, you can easily transfer your Matrix plan when you upgrade your phone.


The Matrix Technology Membership Plan gives you the coverage you want, for as long as you want and at a price you can afford!

  • Cover any combination of three laptops, tablets or smart phones
  • Low $50 per claim deductible
  • Pay-as-you-go membership with no long-term contract
  • Devices up to two years old at time of enrollment qualify
  • Coverage never expires as long as you continue making your monthly payment
  • Hassle-free service