Matrix Warranty Solutions – See the Future

Matrix Warranty Solutions is never about following the crowd. We’re about leading the way and our programs are the embodiment of that key principle. Our greatest ambition is to disrupt and improve the Service Contract industry. We realize with today’s business environment you need products and programs that will set you apart from your competition while allowing you to maximize every opportunity. You’ll see that Matrix Inspired programs do exactly that.

Our philosophy is simple: Offer a futuristic twist on an old product, affording continuous profitability. All Matrix Inspired service contracts have been designed to work together to maximize every opportunity and dollar for you.

  • Cover any combination of three laptops, tablets or smart phones
  • Low $50 per claim deductible
  • Pay-as-you-go membership with no long-term contract
  • Devices up to two years old at time of enrollment qualify
  • Coverage never expires as long as you continue making your monthly payment
  • Hassle-free service